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Reporting & Stewardship

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Stewardship is essential to building and maintaining a strong relationship with funders. Foundations may require stewardship in the form of narrative and/or financial reports. The reporting requirements and due dates are often listed in the award letter.  Reports are typically due every six months or one year from the award date. Please note that it is important to submit grant reports on time. Our office can assist with report reminders.

Grant reports usually include the following:

  • PI name, university name, grant number,  project start and end dates, and award amount
  • A summary of project activities conducted during the grant period
  • A discussion of outcomes, including successes, challenges, and lessons learned
  • A description of the impact of the project and funding
  • An accounting of expenditures (the Office of Sponsored Research usually handles the financial reporting)

We recommend that you send a report even if it's not required. If you would like to discuss the stewardship of a particular grant, please contact Nora Nguyen.